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No Experience Necessary! Come learn how to debate and have fun debating topics you choose. You can improve your analytical thinking and public speaking skills too. http://nycdebate.googlepages.com

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Welcome - This group is for anyone interested in philosophy, whether entirely new to philosophy or more advanced. We hold philosophical topic discussions meant to be meaningful to all levels of philosophical experience.

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Purpose? A joint effort to learn, discuss and tackle the fundamental problems and theorems of Theoretical Computer Science, including Program Synthesis, Theory of Computation (Turing 1937), Recursion Theory (Kleene), Incompleteness in Logic (Godel 1


Combine your hunger for the truth with a chicken parma! Combine your thirst for knowledge with a pot of beer, a glass of wine or a lovely cup of tea! The Mordi Skeptics in the Pub is for those who enjoy exploring things underpinned by science, eviden

Free Range Brains

Whether you are skeptical about the paranormal, superstition, the supernatural, pseudoscience, or any other form of "woo" we would love to meet you. Skeptics are people who ask questions. They inquire. They don't believe something just because everyb


The Amsterdam Philosophical Society (pronounced "apes") is a place for curious minded people to meet and discuss matters of life, death, and everything in between. Each month the Society reads and discusses a new book – ranging from Socrates and the


Welcome! Jacksonville Reasoning Labs, started in early 2013, is a series of learning opportunities created to help people further develop effective reasoning skills-- and key interpersonal skills that help cultivate effective reasoning in social and

Critical Thinkers

Want to get past the just-fiddling phase of amateur electronic music production? Come hang out to give and receive feedback for beefing up your sound, structuring tracks, making things interesting, and finishing.

Music hackers

This group is designed for skeptics of Pinellas county and elsewhere to get together, enjoy each other's company and discuss topics relating to skepticism and critical thinking. Skeptics are not denialists. We search for answers to the questions. We


I'm here at Naomi's Coffee in beautiful Morgan Hill, drinking my Americano. On a casual search on my iPhone yellow pages app, within a 10-mile radius, I find over 60 churches and about 10 practitioners of alternative medicine. Sheesh! I did a search


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April 2, 2014

The group aims to support philosophical inquiry in to a wide range of issues in a spirit of respect for diversity and depth in perspectives within a lively democratic group dynamic.

March 22, 2014

The aim of the game is to ESCAPE from a room by finding the code to the exit door and solve a mystery before your time is up. The key to success is to spot hidden clues, solve brainteaser, work out puzzles, crack codes, find keys and link them togeth

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Escape Masters
February 24, 2014

Ich wohne vor kurkem in der Schweiz und möchte Zauberwürfel fans kennenlernen. Ich habe ein hohes Niveu mit dem 3x3x3 Würfel (besonders OH) und ich möchte meine Kenntnisse mit allen Leute dieser Gruppe verteilen und austauschen. In unsere Treffen, f

February 8, 2014

Discussions welcome! Respect vital! The only requirement is evidence (not just opinion or non-peer reviewed articles) for your point of view. This group is pro-science like: pro-GMO, pro-vaccine, pro-fluoride, and pro-fraccing to name a few pro-scien

Critical or Free Thinkers
January 19, 2014

We are a Skeptics in the Pub group who meet on the first Tuesday of the month at the Chichester Inn. In nutshell: great speakers on fascinating topics all over a few beers. Events include talks on "The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories", "The myths o

Skeptics in the Pub
December 29, 2013

I want to start a group that has a good and rational discussion at least once a month and find others who I can discuss my ideas with and give their viewpoints. I enjoy intellectual discussions and I want them to be free of criticism for somebody's t

Universal thinkers
December 27, 2013

This is a group for those rare few of us who passionately study philosophy. Any level of education or familiarity is welcome, but if you would like to join us, please be ready to do some preparation. Academic Philosophy PDX aims to be a focused, in d

December 11, 2013

This is a group for people who want to play with new technologies and meet new friends, sharing the joy of programming. We're organizing public hackathons at our awesome workspace in Southwest Las Vegas, with different challenges and toys. Open to al

November 21, 2013

This is a group that is for anyone wanting to talk about logic and reason in how it relates to Christianity. It is for discussing the reasons for belief in God, as well as discussing and answering arguments against God. The field of apologetics is qu

November 6, 2013

This a group for people working with (or who would like to work with) FPGAs, CPLDs, or other reconfigurable technologies to share stories, best practices, and industry news in a friendly environment. We'd really like to get people who work with diffe

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